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Why Yoga aspirants are advised to avoid eating Onion & Garlic?

As per Ayurveda Onion & Garlic are Tamasik and Rajasik in nature. A peculiar feature of such substances is that they increase agitation, anxiety, inertia, dullness, sleep and ignorance. Due to these properties they are not good for a practitioner of Meditation. A regular consumption of these items will cause you to feel sleepy and dull during meditation.

Onion & Garlic are aphrodisiac. Yoga recommends maintaining celibacy for quick spiritual progress and eating these substances will be contradicting to the basic guidelines of Yoga.

In addition to producing strong odor and taste, they are (especially Garlic) also known to destroy bacteria (good & bad) from the digestive track and too much consumption may have undue effects on digestion.

Of course, eating them once in a while won't cause too much impact but they should be avoided from day to day diet.

Bipin Joshi is a software consultant, an author and a yoga mentor with more than 22 years of experience in classical yoga system of India. He is an internationally published author and has authored or co-authored more than ten technology books for Apress and WROX press. He has been awarded as a Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft. He has also written a few Marathi books including Devachya Davya Hati and Natha Sankentincha Danshu. Having embraced yoga way of life he also teaches Kriya and Meditation to selected individuals.

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Posted On : 26 May 2012

Tags : Yoga Spirituality