Everyone can change

Once upon a time there was a poor young man. Though he had some money; he spent that in pursuing wrong habits. Smoking, drinking, gambling and what not. The entire village considered him "bad" and nobody ever talked with him. He was fade up of his life and decided to change. Just then a popular saint arrived in the village spreading the message of peach, humanity and compassion.

The saint used to live in a nearby temple and every evening people used to gather there to listen to his wisdom. The young man went to the temple to see the saint. He told him his poor condition, his wrong deeds and his decision to change.   He told the saint that he has fade up of his life and want to seek God. The saint told few words of wisdom to him and asked him to contemplate only on God and nothing else.

Few weeks passed by. The young man was simply unable to concentrate on God. The moment he used to start his prayer and meditation all his bad habits used to flood his mind with all sorts of thoughts forcing him to give up. Worrying about his condition he went back to the saint and explained the situation. The saint smiled and asked him what he likes the most. He was confused as nobody, even his family members, liked him in this world. After thinking for some time he said that there is one prostitute whom he used to visit often. She is the only person who he likes. The saint look at him with compassion and asked told him – “Look. From this moment onwards think only about her and nobody else. While eating, drinking, sleeping you must think about her and no one else. She should be constantly in front of your mind.” The villagers were stunned by his advice. “The saint has gone mad” some of them said. The young man was happy as the task seemed natural and easy for him. He thanked the saint and went away.

Several weeks later the young man appeared in the temple again. The saint looked at him with compassion as before and asked him about his progress. “I am seeing her everywhere. I can not eat, drink, sleep or even breath without thinking about her. In fact I am seeing her in your place.” The young man said. “That’s great. You have achieved a lot” the saint said smilingly. “Can you see that you are now able to concentrate your mind easily. “No longer are your bad habits and thoughts bothering you when you think about her. Do a simple thing now.” he continued further. “Now onwards imagine God in place of her!”

The moral of the story is – Each one of us has a right to give up our bad habits and turn to good. All it takes is our willingness to change and an able Guru.

Posted On : 15 April 2006

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